By combining the greatest talents of architecture, design and the arts to bring the sleeping complex back to life, Groupe Allard pursues the creation of the perfect symbiosis that, based on Brazilian culture at its best, will create a new landmark in the city. 


Alexandre Allard

Alexandre Allard is a Frenchman born in Washington D.C. In 1990 he founded Consodata, the first digital database specialized in consumer behavior. After a few years traveling, Alexander honed his aspirations to reigniting the creative energy of historical places and the very history of space, time and matter. He has since devoted himself to the revival of historical patrimony, contrasting past and future, and promoting notable dialogues between past, heritage, and the forward dynamism of contemporary art. At the head of Groupe Allard, he is responsible for several successful projects, including the renovation and restoration of antique buildings like the Royal Monceau and the Hôtel Particulier de Pourtalès, both in Paris. For over 10 years, Alexandre Allard has dedicated his time and vision to the revitalization of Cidade Matarazzo.

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Jean Nouvel

Winner of the most relevant international architecture award, the Pritzker Prize, Frenchman Jean Nouvel is recognized for his creativity in developing concepts that are not based on styles or ideology, but on the pursuit of the unique combination of people, space and time. The plurality of his work can be seen in iconic projects around the globe, like the Arab World Institute in Paris, the Dentsu building in Tokyo, and the Agbar Tower in Barcelona. In São Paulo, his legacy will be the Mata Atlântica Tower, which vertically expands the Cidade Matarazzo gardens.

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Philippe Starck

An internationally acclaimed creator, designer and architect, Philippe Starck is a tireless and rebellious citizen of the world. His mission is to share his ethics and subversive view of a fairer planet, creating unusual spaces and objects with the purpose of being “good” before they are beautiful.

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Louis Benech

A graduate of the prestigious Sir Harold Hillier's Nursery in England, Benech is internationally recognized as one of the best landscape designers in the world and has authored over 250 private and public park and garden projects.


Radha Arora

President of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts since 2011, respected hotelier Radha Arora has over 30 years of experience in luxury hospitality and has worked with some of the world's most sophisticated properties. Rosewood is the world's most luxurious international hotel chain and the brand of the new hotel in Cidade Matarazzo – São Paulo Rosewood.

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Recognized for its expertise in sustainable construction in both public and private projects, Triptyque is a Franco-Brazilian office with offices in Paris and São Paulo. They are  responsible for award-winning residential developments  like Harmonia 57 and Fidalga 272 in São Paulo. Recently, its leading architects were honored by  the French Ministry of Culture with a NAJA award for young architects. At Cidade Matarazzo, they are the consultants responsible for the “tropicalization” of Jean Nouvel's Atlantic Forest Tower project.


Ateliers de France

Founded in the 1980s, ADF is a network of artisans from different fields (stone, wood, iron etc.), specialized in the finest detailing and finishing techniques. The company is a partner of builders, architects, interior designers and brands seeking unmatched excellence and perfection.

Rudy Ricciotti

Born August 22, 1952, in Algeria, Ruddy Ricciotti studied engineering in Geneva and architecture in Marseille. A winner of several awards, he is a great architect specialized in concrete modeling, focusing on cultural buildings in France. Among his most notable projects are the Mucem in Marseille, the Jean Cocteau Museum in Menton, and the Louvre department of Islamic arts in Paris. Rudy will be responsible for the architectural intervention in the House of Creativity.

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Malherbe Paris is an interior design agency specialized in retail. Founded 24 years ago and with offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Malherbe Paris creates innovative customer experience concepts, serving a variety of luxury and mass brands, most of them with a leading position in their markets. The agency is constantly growing and has expanded its scope of expertise to more challenging retail master projects. Malherbe Paris is a global benchmark with hundreds of thousands of square meters of retail design.

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Adam Kurdahl (SPOL)

Adam Kurdahl has long international experience in urban planning projects and building complexes of all sizes, with an approach that combines design, urban strategies and successful business. With multiple international awards, Adam created SPOL in 2014 and is responsible for executive projects in the retail area at Cidade Matarazzo.

Adriana Levisky

Architect and urban planner, senior associate at Levisky Architects – Urban Strategy, vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Architecture Studios, and advisor to several public agencies in São Paulo. With extensive experience in cities, Adriana is the architect responsible for the urban reintegration project around Cidade Matarazzo.

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Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana are famous for creating bold pieces of furniture that tell the story of Brazil's lifestyle and roots. We invited the pair to develop street furniture that will be the structure of the organic market.

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