Walking about the sidewalks of Paulista Avenue, where over a million people transit every day, is to take a dive into the diversity of a people. There are the most diverse urban communities and tribes that tell the story of a city that belongs to the world.

Cidade Matarazzo will be reborn in this area, amidst São Paulo's most vibrant cultural neighborhood, standing proudly among iconic buildings like the Conjunto Nacional, designed by David Libeskind, and the gravity-defying Masp, by Lina Bo Bardi.

A social and urbanistic project of the surrounding area has been developed to include a tunnel on São Carlos do Pinhal street creating a linear park that starts at Paulista Avenue and extends towards Cidade Matarazzo. This new boulevard, set on a street redesigned for local traffic only, will create beautiful shared spaces for conviviality and host an organic market developed by the Campana Brothers in association with a non-profit  urban farming project.

Through our tropical gardens and courtyards, carefully curated Houses of Artisans will offer handmade products from various regions of Brazil and, in effect, create a deep human experience and a legacy for the city and the country.