Brazilian culture is rooted in creativity. We are what we produce: the notes of our music, the contour of our design, and the richness of our art, all of which will be given room to flourish in Matarazzo. At the heart of the development lies our House of Creativity, a center that will offer opportunities for the Brazilian creative community, supporters and culture lovers to gain notoriety and relevance.

The House of Creativity will feature an exhibition hall named Aqui, (“Here” in Portuguese), which will curated by Marcello Dantas and  host at least three major exhibitions every year. The world's greatest artists will be invited to produce their works here alongside Brazilian artists and artisans, promoting exchange and transfer of knowledge. At every new exhibition, a new learning legacy will be added to the country's cultural heritage.

On the lower level of the House of Creativity will be “Sala 22,” a room whose  name is an homage to the iconic Modern Art Week of 1922 in Brazilian modernism. This will be an underground multipurpose space with capacity for 560 seated guests, and 1,500 standing. With a busy and diverse program, Sala 22 will host theaters, concerts, cooking classes, multimedia exhibitions, among others, and will be open 22 hours a day.

Art will not be restricted to the House of Creativity, it will permeate Cidade Matarazzo in every way: guests will see artistic interventions through our gardens, galleries, bars and restaurants. Art will be truly breathable upon a stroll about the venues of Cidade Matarazzo, where over 57 Brazilian artists will have permanent works exhibited here.

- Alexandre Allard