More so than his business ventures and enterprises, the real legacy of Italian count Francesco Matarazzo's life were his actions. He was the founder of Umberto I Hospital and the Condessa Filomena Matarazzo Maternity, which are together popularly referred to as the “Matarazzo Hospital”, in 1904. The institutions were built in order to tend to the large Italian community residing in São Paulo which, along with other immigrants, were at the time building what was to become the huge and exciting culture capital of Latin America that is São Paulo. Count Francesco Matarazzo chose to give back to the local people, driven by his respect for the city that welcomed him and the people who helped him build his empire.


Years later, Francesco Matarazzo’s worldview eventually united him with another visionary: frenchman Alexandre Allard, a specialist in the customization of luxury goods and brands and responsible for successful projects that renovated historic buildings like hotels Royal Monceau, Pourtalès and The Peninsula, in Paris.  

With his vision of the future and respect for the past, Allard saw, in the old abandoned hospital on a site of more than 30,000 square meters, sitting right next the city's quintessential avenue, an opportunity to rescue the past and help build the São Paulo of the future. One based on the tenants of its own history and culture. The Cidade Matarazzo enterprise is much more than a luxury hotel complex, it is a new address of Brazil in the world. A birthplace for arts, history and culture.