We believe beauty is the key to rebalancing the world.

It is a universal and radically democratic language that opens up the channels for mankind to rid itself of its worst and recover its talent for positive transformation.

The Matarazzo Movement bets on the best of the human being. To our core, we want to produce magical and loving interaction between different types of knowledge that, once combined, can produce exciting effects.

We are a great celebration of diversity and the ancestral idea of interdependence. We believe that mankind is a single great being that takes on billions of shapes, colors, beliefs and cultures, and that we are all together, intertwined and interconnected.

Our project is a planetary movement of co-creation, conceived in a historical and iconic place of São Paulo.

A maternity and a hospital built in the early twentieth century, right next to the avenue that symbolizes the nation's biggest city and one of the most multigenetic places in the world.

We are deeply in love with Brazil. Inspired by the best there is in this country, we aim to create and set in motion a more open, light and humane outlook at the universe and at life. One that attracts, speaks to and delights the most interesting minds on this planet. An inclusive look that denies and wholly forsakes the notion of "exclusive".

We firmly believe that if we embrace and celebrate Brazilian diversity, creativity, and extend this embrace widely to others, then beauty will change the world.

And this is an irresistible and wondrous force.



The Matarazzo Movement is controversial, as it sets out to create new ways of thinking which oppose traditional concepts. Utopia is necessary for the world to evolve. At Cidade Matarazzo, we created an urban utopia that transcends modern challenges and unites nature, architecture, art, history, gastronomy and more, in the fruitfiul creation of a place of life like no other.



We are deeply in love with Brazil, and to live the Matarazzo experience is a way of discovery and transformation. It enables  any one to be everywhere in the world at the same time, be it through art, culture, gastronomy, architecture or service, every day.



Matarazzo is about diversity, the meeting of cultures, genders and colors. A crossroads where miscegenation is always in flux  Brazilian artists behind our impeccable marble sculptures work alongside the French architects , from chefs coming from northern Brazil to English fashion designers, from homeless people to artisans from southern Italy, an intense miscegenation that reveals São Paulo's origins and its rich identity.



The Matarazzo Movement is a symbol of respect for history. Respect for nature. Respect for culture and diversity. Respect for the human being. It is a new address of Brazil in the world.



An oasis at the heart of São Paulo, with offerings that cater to different audiences. At Matarazzo, luxury is expressed through an inclusive philosophy  of beauty that combines creativity and excellence. Brazil, with its natural beauty, ancestral roots and warm humanity, is the best place for this evolution to happen.