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Groupe Allard is a community open to all of those who dedicate their talent and expertise to beauty and capturing emotion through art. We firmly believe that we are experiencing a new era — there has never been as much of a desire to create and curate amazing experiences and extraordinary moments as there is now.

In a world rife with the sterility of globalization and standardization, we present an alternative: celebrating the unique, authentic, precious and, of course, extraordinary. We stand against everyone that still restricts luxury to antiquated, conservative styles, emptied by countless repetitions. Instead, we strive to offer up only the new and the exciting — tying it always to our connection with place and culture.

We are convinced that great ideas and artistic concepts of the past represent extraordinary cultural reservoirs that lie dormant, waiting to be rediscovered. In order to revitalize and restore their creative characteristics we transform their richness through modern, contemporary language.

We are re-energizing dormant gems, renewing them, giving them new life. As we embark on this project, we would like to clarify that there is absolutely no semblance of disrespect nor vandalism present in how we go about our renovation process. What we do is a declaration of love, an awakening, a tribute to these precious gems that, after many years, could use some polishing.

We are inspired by the spirit of creation. After all, only creative energy has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Audacity, braveness and freedom are what draw the path to reinvention, transcending boundaries and expanding horizons.

By definition, our creative impulse is unique, exclusive and embodies a solemn respect for a place’s culture, history and roots. It is the very same impulse that runs through the veins of artisans, the only group capable of materializing this rare creative energy from conception to production.

Mass production drains its product of the ethereal chemistry contained within the combination of excellence with authenticity. We believe that things created in this disconnected, uprooted manner are not legitimate examples of true luxury.

It doesn’t matter if we are creators, artists, engineers, architects or economists. It is fundamental that people, in their own area of expertise, express themselves with the impetus of an artisan.

This manifest is the driving force behind all our endeavors. It is the same one that guided our expansion of the Balmain brand, re-creation of the L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine, and reinvention of the hotel business’ code of luxury through the Royal Monceau.

This manifest is the guide we put in place to surpass all current and future challenges in Brazil, France and worldwide. Our goal: stimulating lovers of beauty, from the most sophisticated to the most simple, common and everyday.

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