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Cornerstone Ceremony of the Rosewood São Paulo Tower

On April, 7th, 2016, Alexandre Allard and Jean Nouvel set the first stone of the Rosewood São Paulo Tower, in a ceremony that took place in the construction worksite of the building.

Jean Nouvel, the French architect that designed the tower, describes the project as “a survival; an oasis”. Nouvel is determined to contextualize the building within São Paulo’s ambiance and identity.

During the ceremony, a time capsule was buried 20 meters below the ground. The black box with Cidade Matarazzo’s logo holds pictures, a copy of newspaper of that day, business cards, construction helmets and other objects.

During his speech, Alexandre Allard, Groupe Allard’s president, stated that the tower will be one of the largest international projects that the city has ever received. The development will combine luxury, creativity, art, culture and nature. “It’ll be a shift in the paradigm of the relationship between nature and construction.”, he says.

The day after, Jean Nouvel had his portrait taken by Brazilian contemporary artist, Vik Muniz. Click here to read more.


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