The main concrete slab is down: Rosewood São Paulo’s tower will soon see the light of day

 The construction of the landmark building designed by Jean Nouvel started six months ago and is currently in progress. By the end of 2017, the hotel’s three first floors (which connect to the garden in the old maternity ward) will be standing, and in June 2018, the shell and core of the 24-floor high tower will be finalized.

“It is a very challenging construction project: we aren’t building a conventional tower but a real piece of art. Jean Nouvel’s design requires only state-of-the-art technology. It is the most advanced project in terms of architecture in Brazil”, pointed out Mauricio Bianchi, Cidade Matarazzo’s director of construction.

Perfection and technique are central in each step of the construction’s supply chain. For example, the concrete mix was done with water rather than chemical products, thus delivering maximum strength and durability to the built project. 

Regarding ongoing sustainable efforts, Rosewood São Paulo will also install curtains that cut down on energy waste and reduce spending on air-conditioning, as well as photochromic glass windows to reduce the amount of electricity and water needed to provide for a pleasant indoor environment. 

“We observed most Suite owners place a huge importance on the origin and quality of the building’s materials and its sustainability”, mentioned Rosewood Sao Paulo’s Sales Manager. 

“The Rosewood Tower is showing the world that Brazilian inventiveness and craftsmanship can amount to the most advanced real estate venture worldwide,” says Alexandre Allard. “In a year from now, almost 3,000 professionals and artisans trained in the most sophisticated techniques will work together in sculpting every square inch of Cidade Matarazzo”, added the French entrepreneur.

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With its landscape building, Matarazzo  is an example of sustainability for the city




Innovative, smart environmental strategies are implemented during construction within Cidade Matarazzo:

Air Conditioning

A highly efficient air conditioning system amounts to 300,000 liters of water saved every day.

Solar energy

During the construction period, energy will be produced via solar panels.

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