At the heart of São Paulo, a metropolis that embodies the thriving economy and dynamism of Brazil, lies 30,000 m2 of land that houses the buildings of the former Matarazzo Hospital, a dormant symbol of the foreign influences contained within modern Brazilian culture.

With the goal of revitalizing its architectural legacy and cultural heritage, Groupe Allard acquires the Matarazzo complex in 2008 and begins planning its renovation, the company’s most extensive undertaking in Brazil. In order to accomplish this task, Groupe Allard handpicks the best talent in architecture, interior design, landscape and art from around the globe. Together, they work tirelessly in revealing the poetry contained within the site’s historic buildings, turning them into an authentic cultural landmark of São Paulo: the Cidade Matarazzo.  

With its inauguration planned for 2019, Cidade Matarazzo will reflect the essential dreamlike qualities of Brazil through praise of its culture and roots. It will be a place of unexpected encounters: innovation and creativity within a traditional historic site; nature and tranquility amidst as urban jungle; smaller, down to earth buildings and looming skyscrapers. Visitors will have the pleasure of discovering a new cultural center and shopping destination dedicated to fashion, design, art and gastronomy.

Cidade Matarazzo will have its historical buildings restored and preserved, including its chapel, which will be consecrated once more.

Within the building that formerly housed the Countess Filomena Matarazzo Maternity, one will witnesses the encounter between the historical and the contemporary: a palace hotel, managed by the world renowned Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. The historic building will be intertwined with a modern tower projected by Jean Nouvel — concrete evidence of the future coming to life inside the heart of São Paulo.

The luxury complex is surrounded by 15.000 square meters of green — a lush garden composed of a variety of trees common to the endangered Brazilian Atlantic Forest, such as Jatobás, Sibipurinas, Pitangueiras, Canelinhas, Jacarandás and Goiabeiras. Cidade Matarazzo is an oasis that offers a unique experience of leisure and wellbeing, incomparable to any other place.

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