The Rosewood Tower was conceived as a tribute to the Atlantic Forest that lines much of Brazil’s coast. From the harmonious synergy between the innovative design of award-winning French architect, Jean Nouvel, the exuberance of Brazilian nature, and the vibrancy of the city of São Paulo, springs a sophisticated and playful vertical forest.

Located a block away from the city’s most iconic artery, Paulista Avenue, the visionary Rosewood São Paulo Tower emerges as the capital’s new 21st century architectural icon.
Jean Nouvel’s design creates a “landscape building” that incorporates lush local vegetation. Flowers, plants and trees drape both public and private spaces, with ‘floating’ terrace and rooftop gardens granting a sense of continuity between the tower and its surroundings while also offering a sense of refuge and privacy to its residents.

“This project runs in tandem with my philosophy: creating something that is different and rises above the rest. The Rosewood Tower is the way it is because of Cidade Matarazzo. Its historic buildings have survived but they have been besieged by a series of buildings constructed chaotically around them during São Paulo’s rapid expansion in the 1970s and ’80s. […] The tower will be larger in scale in comparison to other buildings in the region and its colors will blend in with its lush, green surroundings”” says Jean Nouvel about his first design for a major Latin-American city—São Paulo.

Jean Nouvel, winner of the 2008 Pritzker Prize, is currently one of the most prestigious international architects. He projected several important constructions around the world, such as the Institute of the Arab World, in Paris; the Agbar Tower, in Barcelona and the Dentsu Building, in Tokyo. The diversity of his projects illustrates the adaptability of his buildings to the environment in which they are inserted.

The Rosewood São Paulo tower was unveiled in April, 2016.

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