The heart of Cidade Matarazzo is the House of Creativity. Nestled among the restored historic buildings connected by courtyards and beautiful tropical gardens, this cultural center will hold several opportunities for the Brazilian creative community and its enthusiasts. Welcoming visitors with its Tuscan-style facade, the center will be dedicated to activities related to art, music, theater and education.

The House of Creativity will be home to a generous exhibition space, with a cultural agenda devoted to plays and spectacles, as well as informative presentations, seminars and cultural forums. A theater, a concert room and music studio will add to the center’s creative energy. Here, the creative community and its supporters will collaborate in a space especially designed to stimulate the birth of extraordinary new projects.

The House of Creativity programming consists of four main pillars:

• 4 exhibitions per year
• A forum about the Creative Economy
• Educational program
• Multimedia platform

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