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Scheduled to open in 2019, Cidade Matarazzo is a quiet, green refuge in the heart of the Paulista Avenue region – one of São Paulo’s most lively neighborhoods. The charming village of historic, landmark buildings, designed in 1904 and restored by Groupe Allard, is an unprecedented venture in Latin America’s largest economic and cultural capital.

Shrouded in classic Italian architecture, Cidade Matarazzo is all about senses — it encapsulates the spirit of a 21st century Dolce Vita, combining hospitality, gastronomy, arts and leisure. Cidade Matarazzo will be a place for those who seek exceptional moments brought to life through a sense of authenticity and pleasure.

Whether you’re a visitor in town to shop or a resident taking a stroll down the block, you’ll be fully-immersed in Cidade Matarazzo’s unique cosmopolitan mix of historic and contemporary, coupled with influences from within Brazil and abroad.

Hotel Rosewood São Paulo
Rosewood Tower
Gardens and Pavilions
Center for Creativity


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