Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy that applies to the website (hereinafter the “Site”) is based on the principles of transparency and respect in the relationship with customers and users of the (hereinafter the “User”).

Users’ personal information collected through systems or account creation will be safeguarded according to strict confidentiality and security standards and will not be shared with third parties except when expressly authorized by the User or in response to a regulation or court order, or as set forth below.

By using this Site, you agree with the terms of the latest version of this Privacy Policy. Please read our Terms of Use to understand the general rules on the use of this Site and comply with such rules.

Privacy of Personal Information and Information Handling

The User can choose to create an account, for which he or she will provide personal information and accept cookies.

Any user that creates an account can, at any time, request to view his or her personal information, as well as to make any corrections thereto at his or her discretion, directly on the Site. Additionally, we will, at any time and upon your request, all personal information you provided.

In addition to the information collected through the sign up form, some further information can be collected automatically as with any other website.

One of the Site’s main reasons for collecting such information is to be able to improve communications with its users to provide a differentiated service more in line with their interests.

Like many other companies, Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA also measures the performance of its Site to improve it and make it more suited to its visitors’ profile. When you visit the Site, Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA will automatically collect the following information about you and your computer:

– The domain and server through which you accessed the Internet;

– The URL of the webpage that linked you to our page, if applicable;

– The date and time you accessed our page, how long you stayed on it, and which pages you visited;

– Your IP address;

– Your computer’s operating system and browser.

Correctness of Information

The User is solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of his or her personal information. Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA will not be liable for incorrect personal information entered by the User in the Site, including missing relevant details or misleading information that may lead to errors about the User.

If the User provides any misleading, incorrect, out of date, or incomplete information, or if Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA has sufficient grounds to suspect that such information is misleading, incorrect, out of date, or incomplete, it reserves the right to immediately suspend or cancel the user account, without notice, and deny any and all use, present or future, of any services that require a user account.

Use by Third Party Service Providers

We hire third parties to provide Site maintenance and management services. In these cases, such third parties can have access to your personal information. Those third parties comply with our privacy standards and use your information only to fulfill their obligations to us.

Likewise, we may hire third parties to evaluate the performance of our Site. Such third parties are required to comply with our privacy standards and provide us only value-added information to be used for evaluation purposes only that are destroyed after being used.


Safeguarding your personal information is our top priority. We follow strict safe storage procedures to protect the confidentiality of your information and prevent unauthorized access thereto.

However, there is always a risk involved in sending information over the Internet. Therefore, users must be aware that any security measures pertaining to the Internet are not one hundred percent infallible. Consequently, all Users expressly waive the right to file any complaints against the Site for loss of data caused by unauthorized access and/or security breaches to the systems that host the Site.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property assets present in the Site including but not limited to texts, brands, images, drawings, photographs, sounds, and/or applications displayed on the Site are protected by applicable copyright, industrial property, and image protection laws regarding appearance, voice, and name, and the change, reproduction, storage, transmission, copy, distribution, or any other uses for commercial purposes without prior written consent of Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA are strictly forbidden.

Changes to the Site

The contents of the Site can be updated or modified time to time, therefore they should not be construed as final, but rather pertaining to the time when the information was collected.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes time to time without notice to align it with legislation amendments or modifications to the Site, use of new technologies, or whenever Boulevard Matarazzo Empreendimentos e Participaçoes SPA SA deems necessary, and we recommend that you review it regularly.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to make a suggestion or request, please send an e-mail to the Contact Us link available on the Site.

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