Philippe Starck presents the “Sense of Place” of Rosewood São Paulo at Cidade Matarazzo

Upon an invitation from Alexandre Allard, Philippe Starck decided to take on his first project in São Paulo: bringing 21st century boldness and modernity to a section of the historic complex — the former Filomena Matarazzo Maternity, where over 500 thousand people were born.

Complementing the gardens strewn along the building’s facade, the Rosewood São Paulo Suites are veritable urban retreats, emblematic of 21st century luxury. To Starck, this luxury “implies guaranteeing the highest quality products with minimalistic design that thus transcends ephemeral and fleeting fashions of the time.”

With the goal of reinventing São Paulo luxury through leveraging Brazil’s innate creativity and highlighting the importance of preserving its natural environments, creator Alexandre Allard, artistic director Philippe Starck and Rosewood Hotels and Resorts band together alongside top Brazilian companies to create a space that reflects Brazil’s deep roots coupled with São Paulo’s modern lifestyle.

Unlike international chains that operate by consistently repeating the same pattern, Rosewood São Paulo opts for slow luxury, highlighting and respecting each location’s cultural traits, and preserving its natural environment. Luxury is contained not only within Rosewood São Paulo’s built structures, but also its green space, which serves as a veritable green oasis within the city; laden with rare plants and trees typical of the country’s endangered Atlantic Forest.

“It is imperative that whatever we create in any particular place remains relevant in the future: a sense of place and a place with sense, for today and for the future”, says Philippe Starck, to whom the sustainability of this project is an unquestionable and essential component.

Never before seen quality — The finest Brazilian materials meet international know-how

“After years of focusing on commodities and quantity, I believe Brazil’s growth will now be guided by its creative industry. What this means is that a radical shift in equipment and techniques aimed towards quality must occur. Cidade Matarazzo will show the world that Brazilian inventiveness and craftsmanship can amount to the most advanced real estate venture in the world,” says Alexandre Allard. “In 12 months, over 2.8 thousand people trained in the most sophisticated techniques will work together in sculpting every inch of Cidade Matarazzo”, he adds.

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