Vik Muniz shoots portrait of Jean Nouvel

On April 8th, 2016 the Brazilian contemporary artist Vik Muniz was invited to create a portrait of French architect Jean Nouvel.

The picture was taken at the worksite where Rosewood São Paulo Tower is going to be built. Regarding the theme of the picture, Vik Muniz explains: “as it is the beginning of something, I thought that there could be a symbolic association with the idea of a tree growing to become a huge park and a tower. It would be amazing to shoot this picture, this portrait of Jean Nouvel and mark the beginning of it with a tree instead of with a brick.”

The Rosewood São Paulo Tower intends to be a vertical extension of the lush greenery of Cidade Matarazzo, thus, Jean Nouvel’s portrait by Vik Muniz encapsulates the symbolic moment surrounding the beginning of the Tower construction.

Construction work initiated in 2015 and is due to continue until the end of 2018.

To watch the making of video created by Casa Vogue, please click here.

To see the portrait by Vik Muniz, please click here.

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