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The restoration of the century-old Santa Luzia chapel at the property of Cidade Matarazzo

Opened in 1922, the Santa Luzia Chapel at the property of Cidade Matarazzo in São Paulo is undergoing careful restoration by a team of experts. Designed by Italian architect Giovanni Batista Bianchi (1885-1942), who arrived in São Paulo in 1911, the Santa Luzia Chapel will undergo two phases of restoration in order to recover the...
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The main concrete slab is down: Rosewood São Paulo’s tower will soon see the light of day

 The construction of the landmark building designed by Jean Nouvel started six months ago and is currently in progress. By the end of 2017, the hotel’s three first floors (which connect to the garden in the old maternity ward) will be standing, and in June 2018, the shell and core of the 24-floor high tower...
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Philippe Starck presents the “Sense of Place” of Rosewood São Paulo at Cidade Matarazzo

Upon an invitation from Alexandre Allard, Philippe Starck decided to take on his first project in São Paulo: bringing 21st century boldness and modernity to a section of the historic complex — the former Filomena Matarazzo Maternity, where over 500 thousand people were born. Complementing the gardens strewn along the building’s facade, the Rosewood São...
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Cidade Matarazzo showcases Jean Nouvel’s mock-up at SP-Arte

Cidade Matarazzo was present at SP-Arte, the biggest modern and contemporary art fair in Latin America, where the mock-up of the Rosewood São Paulo Tower, designed by Jean Nouvel, was showcased for the first time. The Tower is in many ways a modern vertical expansion of green space, which aims to create a dialogue with...
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Cornerstone Ceremony of the Rosewood São Paulo Tower

On April, 7th, 2016, Alexandre Allard and Jean Nouvel set the first stone of the Rosewood São Paulo Tower, in a ceremony that took place in the construction worksite of the building. Jean Nouvel, the French architect that designed the tower, describes the project as “a survival; an oasis”. Nouvel is determined to contextualize the...
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Vik Muniz shoots portrait of Jean Nouvel

On April 8th, 2016 the Brazilian contemporary artist Vik Muniz was invited to create a portrait of French architect Jean Nouvel. The picture was taken at the worksite where Rosewood São Paulo Tower is going to be built. Regarding the theme of the picture, Vik Muniz explains: “as it is the beginning of something, I...
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The Largest Renovation project in São Paulo

A large scale, privately funded, retrofit renovation project of a historical site begins in São Paulo The project was exhibited at the Mackenzie Historical Center during Historical Heritage weekend. São Paulo – Cidade Matarazzo, the newly minted name for the former Matarazzo Hospital complex, is undergoing the most extensive privately funded heritage revitalization project in...
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Cidade Matarazzo opened its doors to receive Rock na Cidade, a celebration of the 461st anniversary of São Paulo on January 25th. The festival, which was free and open to the public, had a line-up of 40 bands, food trucks and a pet adoption fair. After “Made By… Feito Por Brasileiros”, the art show that...
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